The Cannabis Against COVID campaign is dedicated to raising tens of millions of dollars for first responders and the fight against COVID in Colorado. This would be accomplished by immediately allowing home deliveries of recreational cannabis, and adding a $20 surcharge to each delivery to raise $500,000 a day (or more). This money would go directly to helping save lives and support front line medical personnel. The cannabis industry is also currently down 69% from normal sales levels, because of the lack of delivery.

Fight COVID by Reforming Cannabis Policy

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We propose that all funds raised from this initiative goes directly to Governor Jared Polis’ Colorado COVID Relief  Fund

Our suggestion that funds be split equally between these three categories:

  • Medical Supplies & PPE

  • Front Line Medical Personnel Support

  • Antibodies Testing / VaccineResearch

– Saving lives is the top priority. However, saving our way of life should be a priority too.

– Funding from this initiative could help us slowly get back to normal by expediting statewide free antibodies testing, as well as vaccine research.

– An “antibodies ID card,” for example, could potentially allow venues to reopen by only allowing entry with a valid “antibodies positive ID.”

CANNABIS AGAINST COVID: Herb For The Cure Festival

What we are asking
participants to

A pre recorded live
video from the home
studio, which can be
any type of content and
any length.

Main Goal: Reach millions
of potential supporters
locally and nationally via a
social media driven, live
streaming online music
This festival is a unique way
for artists, comedians and
influencers to get involved
with an event that helps
fight COVID-19.

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Ways To Get Involved

– Sign the petition in support of Cannabis Against COVID on
– If you own a business we would love to add your name to our website as being a supporter!
– It always helps to spread the word via social media!
– You could be a part of our online festival, Cannabis Against COVID: Herb for the Cure.
– Contributions and sponsorships would aid the campaign in raising awareness for this issue.

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